Betolar and EcoFurn the First in the World to Launch Low-carbon EcoRocky Concrete Products

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Betolar and EcoFurn the First in the World to Launch Low-carbon EcoRocky Concrete Products

The novel low-carbon Geoprime concrete products will be presented for the first time at the Spring Fair in Helsinki. The first products to be launched are light infrastructure products under the EcoRocky brand. The Finnish companies are changing the perception of the environmental friendliness of concrete.

EcoFurn develops and markets ecological and internationally recognised design furniture made of natural materials. EcoFurn is now expanding its product range from wooden products to concrete in cooperation with Betolar, the developer of the low-carbon Geoprime concrete solution, under a partnership agreement. The agreement grants EcoFurn the right to use the Geoprime trademark in its products as an indication of their low-carbon nature.

“For us, sustainability and environmentally friendly raw materials are inalienable values. Concrete products have previously been out of the question due to their considerable climate impacts, but Betolar’s Geoprime has now opened up new development opportunities for concrete products,” says Hannu Lehtonen, Co-Founder of EcoFurn.

Using the concrete material, EcoFurn will be offering new environmentally friendly product groups under the EcoRocky brand. The products respond to market needs, such as facilitating the mobility of the elderly, gardening, furnishing and green energy production and transport solutions. 

EcoFurn operates globally through e-commerce, as there is growing international demand for Finnish design. EcoFurn’s products are already available in 35 countries. 

Concrete barriers with a new design

As the first product group, EcoFurn and Betolar are launching circular economy-based light infrastructure products, such as low-carbon concrete barriers. Arrow shapes and reflective materials in various colours can be used in the production of these new types of concrete barriers, which makes them suitable for facilitating traffic control.

“We have been researching different markets for concrete products to be placed in the urban environment. Cities have their own emission reduction targets, and Geoprime solutions can be used to produce a wide range of low-carbon concrete structures and products needed in infrastructure construction,” says Juha Leppänen, Founder of Betolar.

The new low-carbon light infrastructure products manufactured with Geoprime are now available on the market. The products will be on public display for the first time at the Spring Fair on 7–10 April 2022 at the Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre. The fair showcases themes related to housing, gardening and interior decoration, among others.

EcoRocky products are manufactured in Kokkola

The EcoRocky concrete products are manufactured at JA-KO Betoni’s plant in Kokkola. With Betolar’s Geoprime formula, JA-KO Betoni uses industrial side streams to also manufacture, for example, low-carbon foundations of charging stations for electric vehicles.

“We can see that low-carbon concrete is gradually taking over the market in various concrete industry product groups. The concrete industry must take responsibility for CO2 emissions and bring new solutions to both consumers and infrastructure construction companies,” says Jaakko Eloranta, CEO of JA-KO Betoni.

About EcoFurn

EcoFurn® was founded in 2009. EcoFurn has more than 20 different wooden products of various wood types in its selection. In addition, EcoFurn produces its customers’ own wooden repertoires. The company has grown from a tiny carpenter’s shop into an international enterprise that employs 50 people in Finland and Estonia. The products are designed in Järvenpää together with the company’s Estonian factory team. The products are manufactured in Estonia and Finland and are available in 35 countries around the world. Each EcoFurn product and its packaging are 100% recyclable.

About JA-KO Betoni

JA-KO Betoni Ltd is a professional concrete company based in Kokkola, Finland. It has a total of 50 years of experience in the concrete industry. The company offers its customers a wide range of concrete products and ready-mixed concrete as well as different tailored service concepts in Finland and in export projects. 

JA-KO Betoni has ready-mixed concrete plants in Kokkola, Pietarsaari, Närpiö, Mustasaari and Seinäjoki. The plant manufacturing concrete products, such as manhole rings, pole foundations and concrete weights, is located in Kokkola. The foundry in Pietarsaari casts agricultural elements and other special products to satisfy customer needs. JA-KO Betoni is an independent subsidiary of Ruskon Betoni. 


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