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Solutions for concrete products

Sustainable paver IBF Geoprime

Sustainable precast solutions 

Technically proven circular economy solution

Geoprime material offers a sustainable alternative to cement for concrete landscaping and infrastructure products. All while maintaining optimal product performance and quality. 

Equivalent to traditional cement-based precast products, Geoprime is a reliable, safe and sustainable geopolymer solution. 

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Low-carbon landscaping and infrastructure products 

Geoprime can be used for various applications such as: 

Pavers, slabs, curbstones and blocks in landscaping, 

Concrete pipes, drain wells, drainage, manholes, box culverts, fence panels, noise barriers and retaining wall elements in infrastructure. 

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what we offer 

Benefits for concrete product manufacturers 

Reduce CO2 emissions and support biodiversity. 

Incorporating Geoprime into current production is easy and no CAPEX investments for the machinery are needed. 

Ramp-up time after the pilot is short. We support you with production process optimisation and continuous technical support during training, pilot and ramp-up. 

Produce circular products. We support with sourcing of locally available sidestreams and alternative raw materials that suit your optimised mix design.  

We help you get going with marketing and sales support.  


An owner or property developer? 

Build sustainable 

Reach the sustainability targets of your projects

Benefit from a product that helps you reach the desired BREEAM and LEED certification levels.  

We can facilitate connections with local side streams and manufacturers. 

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Betolar launches low-carbon concrete products in the UAE with Fujairah Concrete Products

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