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Circular economy solutions for the mining and metal sectors

ESG and social licence to operate require mining companies to act to reduce their carbon footprint, reduce the waste of operations and embed environmental values into their core corporate culture. 

We address the problems of the mining sector through the circular economy. Betolar's solutions are the answer to rigorous environmental regulations and requirements. Our solutions reduce the environmental risks associated to mining. In addition, we help mining companies drastically to reduce their CO2 impact while saving natural resources.

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Tailings Management 

Tailings management is the process of handling and storing the waste materials created by the mining operation. It is critical for environmental preservation and community safety. 

Currently, most tailing waste is stored at tailings ponds unutilized. Tailing costs represent a large portion of the total end-of-life operating costs for a mine. Proper tailings management brings considerable cost benefits and increases the efficiency of the operations.

Betolar's solution utilises tailings to build dense and sealed reservoirs.

Solution's benefits:

  • Stabilised tailings reduce environmental risks and dusting.
  • As infrastructure or concrete structures are built at the mining site, the tailings can be utilized, making it a circular solution.
  • Utilizing the tailings as supplementary cementitious material (SCM) reduces the exploitation of natural resources.
  • The cost-effectiveness of the mining company is enhanced.


Shotcrete or sprayed concrete is an application where concrete is sprayed at high velocity onto rock walls and ceilings. The application is used in mining for ground support and stabilizing openings. In underground mining operations, shotcrete delivers safety and efficiency to the whole mining operation. 

Betolar's solution for shotcrete aims for partial or complete cement replacement in the mix design. 

Solution's benefits:

  • Reduce CO2 emissions effectively.
  • Accelerate the early strength development of the concrete, which expedites operations and increases productivity.
  • Betolar's shotcrete conforms with the applicable standards.
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Cement-free paste backfill

Cemented paste backfill (CPB) is an application to manage and utilize tailings produced by the mining operation. Traditionally, a mixture contains cement, water, and tailings to produce a wet mass to fill underground mine fillings. 

Betolar's CPB, or Cement Free PB,  aims to partially or fully replace cement with locally available sidestreams. 

Solution's benefits:

  • Cost benefits to the mining company
  • Reduction of  CO2 emissions from concrete
  • Can be adjusted and improved to meet the requirements of local sidestreams
  • ESG compliant
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