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Side stream producers

We promote the circular economy and are continuously developing new side stream-based materials. Currently, Betolar solutions utilize a variety of industrial waste streams produced by energy, steel, paper and pulp industry, and mining.

Betolar benefits for the side stream producers

  • The environmental burden of the operations and the risks associated with waste materials are reduced when side streams are utilized as a part of the circular economy
  • Waste disposal fees are reduced and side streams can even be turned into a valuable raw material
  • Storage capacity is freed up and valuable land can be used more efficiently

Construction industry

We help the construction industry to reduce CO2 emissions, reduce the use of natural resources and achieve climate goals in practice. This is made possible by enabling the intelligent use of side stream-based materials. Our innovation is currently expanding into a portfolio of low carbon building materials. 

Benefits for the construction industry and the designers

  • Quality products from reliable material manufacturers
  • Solutions that meet the industrial standards
  • Transparent, responsible supply chain
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We help meet the demand for new sustainable building materials and products. Betolar's solutions are scalable and easy to implement into current production.

Betolar benefits for manufacturers

  • Low carbon, up to 100% cement-free material solutions
  • Cost-effective compared to current materials
  • No need for investments in the production line
  • Fast to implement: short ramp-up time after piloting
  • An easy way to grow a greener business

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