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What is Geoprime®?

A solution for a greener built environment

Geoprime is a sidestream-based low-carbon construction material innovation and a sustainable alternative to cement. 

Completely equivalent to traditional cement-based concrete it is a reliable and safe solution for a range of applications.  

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Many uses of Geoprime®

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Geoprime illustration
Geoprime illustration
Geoprime illustration

Advantages of Geoprime®


CO2 emissions


Cement-free building 



Same strength as concrete

What our partners say


"The concrete industry needs new solutions to reduce emissions. We will invest in the production of new, more environmentally-friendly concrete products in Kokkola, Finland, which will create a significant competitive advantage for our industry."

Jaakko Eloranta

CEO, JA-KO Betoni
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environmental challenge

Need for a green solution

The construction industry is one of the most polluting industries in the worldThe culprit is cement, the main raw material of traditional concrete.

7 % of global CO2 emissions are caused by cement production. 

The extraction of limestone required for the production of cement consumes an enormous amount of virginal natural resources. In addition, the lime is heated at a high temperature, which releases a large amount of carbon dioxide into the air as a result of chemical degradation.

At the same time, industrial production generates billions of tonnes of sidestreams every year which end up as waste since they have no significant further use.

Geoprime responds to the challenge as a cement-free sidestream-based building material. 


Nuts and bolts of Geoprime®

Discover more about the Technology, Components, Advantages, Quality, Test and Certificates, Applications and Circularity.  



Geopolymer concrete of a new era

The Geoprime products are based on a geopolymer solution. A geopolymer is an inorganic polymer that can be used for creating new materials, for example, to replace concrete.

Geoprime concrete consists of components from industrial sidestreams and Betolar’s proprietary Geoprime activator but has no climate-unfriendly cement.

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COMPONENTS and characteristics

The secret recipe 

The continuously developing, optimised recipe is based on Betolar's proprietary research and development.

Characteristics of geopolymer concrete 

Advantages of Geoprime compared to traditional concrete made with Portland cement.



Long-term research

Geopolymers have been studied for decades in various research institutes in Finland and abroad.

In recent years, research on the Geoprime solution has increasingly focused on research on product groups and applications. Our research team has extensively explored the properties and behaviour of the Geoprime material and products in different applications and conditions.


Tests and certificates

Technically proven solution

Geoprime has been tested in accordance with concrete standards and is equivalent to concrete in all essential aspects. That makes Geoprime a safe and sustainable solution for versatile applications and varying conditions in infrastructure, industry and construction applications.

Tested properties:

  • Compressive strength, bending strength and splitting tensile strength that meet the requirements of a range of concrete products 
  • Excellent sulphate resistance
  • Reinforcement can be used the same way as in Portland cement concrete products
  • Studies on Geoprime’s long-term durability in different conditions demonstrate that Geoprime meets the requirements for various exposure classes for concrete. 

Drying shrinkage, creep and acid resistance are being studied and the research programme will be expanded to meet customer needs.

Betolar's ISO certificates

ISO 9001 Quality Standard
ISO 14001 Environmental Standard
ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Standard

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Continuously expanding range of products 

Geoprime can already be used for several types of concrete products in landscaping and infrastructure, as well as hollow-core slabs in construction. 

As R&D progresses, Geoprime can also replace traditional cement-based concrete in an increasing number of construction and mining applications. 

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lifecycle and recyclability

Circularity of Geoprime®

As with traditional concrete products, Geoprime products can be reused and recycled throughout their life cycle. Geoprime waste can be used to make concrete aggregate, which can be used as rock material for construction purposes, for example.

The environmental friendliness and technical feasibility of concrete aggregate made of waste products should always be examined at the manufacturing stage. 

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