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Our sustainability priorities 



Accelerating CO2 emission reductions 

Sustainable construction matters. According to estimates, materials account for about 40% of the total emissions of buildings.

Betolar's solution enables up to 80% lower raw material-level greenhouse gas emissions compared to traditional cement-based materials. 



Ensuring the responsibility of side streams 

The quality and responsibility of the side streams used in Betolar's solution are carefully verified before implementation in the manufacture of Geoprime-based products. Side streams are procured from suppliers committed to responsible operating models.
The aim is to procure as much of the side streams as possible geographically close by, thereby minimising the environmental impacts related to their transport.



Ensuring social responsibility in the value chain

Ensuring responsibility in the construction value chain requires supply chain responsibiity management and transparency. Betolar strives to ensure responsible practices in its own value chain.
In addition to its own operations, Betolar strives to identify and minimize sustainability risks as comprehensively as possible in its own procurement and supply chain.

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Now in focus

We are currently defining our detailed responsibility programme and related targets, measures and indicators. At the same time, we are preparing to launch our corporate responsibility reporting in accordance with international frameworks and requirements.

Thematic priorities 2024

  • Third party calculation of Betolar's company-specific carbon footprint according to the GHG protocol (Scope 1, 2 and 3). 
  • EU Taxonomy calculations
  • Supporting our customers with their cement-free environmental impact assessments
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We care for people

We do our best to make Betolar the best place to make a difference, learn and develop as a professional and feel good on an individual level.

Shared values guide our actions, which we have defined as courage, commitment to responsibility and doing things together.

Committing to diversity, equity & inclusion:

At Betolar, we believe that true equality means that every single person, regardless of their background, characteristics or beliefs, should have an equal chance at success. Betolar is a melting pot of talent: looking at our 2023 data, we had over 14 nationalities represented among our around 60 employees. 

But we also know that the work has just started. While the gender balance at Betolar currently stands at 25% women and 75% men, we are working hard to level the playing field even more. 

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Betolarians in numbers (2023)




Women in management team


(2022: 11%)



(2022: 60)

Female Board Members


(2022: 33%)

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Code of Conduct

In 2023, we launched our Code of Conduct, which guides every employee and stakeholder to act responsibly and ethically.

Our Code of Conduct