Betolar as an investment

Technology that solves greatest challenges of our time

As a materials technology company, we focus on material research and recipes that can be used to replace traditional cement.

To increase the technological advantage, digitalization and AI are strongly utilised in research and development. Betolar is also building a special data platform to meet the needs of the concrete industry.

Versatile technology

We aim to disrupt the cement-centric mindset of the traditional concrete industry so that new side streams can effectively be used to reduce the industry's emissions. 

We are offering and developing solutions especially for the following applications and customer segments: 
Precast concrete products: The Geoprime solution is currently used in Europe and Asia for the production of non-load-bearing cement-free concrete products. Examples of products include paving stones, infrastructure products, sewer pipes and roof tiles.
Concrete elements: We are developing solutions for e.g. hollow-core slabs and wall elements. Phasing out of cement is one of the key ways for developers to reduce their carbon footprint without significant investments.
Mining industry: We are developing cement-free solutions for the mining industry, applications ranging from sprayed concrete to back-filling.
Waste upcycling: We offer solutions for industrial side streams owners who are looking to avoid land-filling and turn waste into value.

From recipes to new innovations in the circular economy

Standardization of concrete products without cement is a demanding and complex process, as solutions have to withstand time, wear and tear. 

The circular economy of raw materials requires efficient and sustainable solutions. A good example is the mining industry, where the structures are massive and currently use cement. The mining industry also generates a great amount of tailings, which are difficult to treat and the storage can pose environmental risks. 

The scientific scope of material research and efficient research processes increase Betolar's technological lead. Betolar's laboratory operations are being built in Espoo, Finland, where the company's research activities are linked to the Otaniemi technology ecosystem. 

Betolar's home base in Kannonkoski in Central Finland is carrying out large-scale product testing, experimental research on over 200 side streams and focusing on the development of radical innovations.

The digital platform promotes product development

The opportunities of digitalisation are still underutilized in the concrete industry. Betolar has started from the beginning to develop the data platform and digitalization into a key strength.
Betolar's development work aims at a data and service platform that benefits customers and the entire value chain. At the same time, it increases Betolar's own knowledge lead. In 2021, the Climate Fund (Ilmastorahasto) granted Betolar a capital loan of seven million euros to develop a digital platform.

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