Information bank - Geoprime glossary

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Usually a liquid substance which is used to activate the binder and harden the geopolymer mass. The concentration and quantity of the activator can be adjusted to achieve the desired characteristics in the end product. An activator can be a commercial product that is widely available on the market or a certified proprietary product.

Rock materials that belong to the scope of the standard SFS-EN 12620 Aggregates for concrete. In special applications, aggregates might also be other materials from secondary sources (such as green liquor dregs), provided that their functionality in geopolymers has been established by sufficient studies and preliminary tests.

Groups cements into five main types based on their composition: CEM I Ordinary portland cement, CEM II Hybrid portland cement, CEM III Blast furnace slag cement, CEM IV Pozzolanic cement and CEM V Composite cements.

An industrial-scale test in which geopolymer mass is produced in a factory environment with the factory’s production equipment. The mass used for manufacturing test specimens and, potentially also the desired products, which are then stored and tested in the normal conditions of the factory. The aim is to ensure that the manufacturing recipe based on the preliminary tests in the laboratory actually works in the factory environment. The experiences and results of the factory tests are then used to determine whether further laboratory testing is needed.

A material made by mixing a binder, activators, possible additives, aggregates and water, and potentially additional components or fibres to create a material with specific properties after the activators have hardened the binder.

Tests carried out in Betolar’s laboratory to verify the final properties of the Geoprime material and to develop recipes for various concrete construction applications. Laboratory testing also includes testing the aggregates provided by the client in order to produce a recipe for geopolymer products/masses that meets the characteristics and target costs agreed on with the client as closely as possible and also enables industrial tests to be carried out.