TARA collaboration positions India as Asia gateway for Betolar’s sustainable material technology innovation



Betolar announces the launch of a new partnership with sustainable housing firm TARA - founded by former UN sustainability advocate and pioneer, Ashok Khosla.



The Indian market is viewed as a significant growth area for green construction due to rapid urbanisation and growing housing needs in the rural areas. 

Commenting on the news, Betolar’s Executive leading the expansion in Asia, Juha Pinomaa said, “There is a tremendous appetite for sustainable construction materials in India which we are tapped into through our work with TARA and its mission to develop alternative and sustainable models for rural development, democratizing construction from the bottom up.” 

“Establishing local operations in India is the culmination of a partnership launched from the inauguration of our Asian expansion plans. Asia is a hugely important region for Betolar’s innovation precisely because our materials technology licensing model is able to lean on its vast size and complexity.”

Betolar enables a wide network of precast concrete manufacturers to produce construction materials that not only lower CO2 emissions by as much as 80%, but also utilize side streams from industrial processes, delivering a double sustainability dividend. Betolar’s Geoprime™ solution replaces cement in concrete by using industrial side streams from the process, mining and energy industries, among others.

Using local, industrial side streams is an affordable way to match the market price for traditional building elements such as bricks and pavers, speeding up the market breakthrough. 

A new recipe for sustainable construction

India is making efforts to reduce reliance on more traditional, high carbon emitting red bricks, particularly in rural areas. The government has even introduced tax breaks to incentivize circular practices and use of waste content.

TARA’s chairperson, Dr Ashok Khosla, says, “The construction sector is one of the biggest sources of greenhouse gases. Pioneering new, easily accessible low-carbon building materials is fundamental for achieving India’s net zero target by 2070, let alone within the much tighter time-frame needed to avoid global climate catastrophe. Geoprime offers a remarkably innovative, widely affordable solution for transforming the industry’s climate impact at the scale and with the speed now required to solve India’s massive housing and infrastructure needs in a socially equitable and environmentally sustainable manner.”

Betolar and TARA have been working together over two years, combining synergies to contribute to affordable housing in India – most notably for rural entrepreneurs. Leveraging TARA’s sustainability and local expertise, combined with Betolar’s innovative approach, helps provide sustainable cement-free alternatives to the market.

Commenting on the move to the Indian market, Betolar CEO Matti Löppönen said, “We intend to amplify Betolar’s offering to the mainstream market where developers, cities and governments are looking for sustainable solutions for rapid urbanisation and greener cities. We have plans to grow our local presence by adding business development experts and technical support to our India team in the near future.”

“TARA and its community of smaller, family run businesses are showing the way, innovating beyond the scope of less agile corporations. We hope that by putting down roots here and using India as a kick starter to other countries in Asia, we will be able to influence and accelerate positive change by working with major customers to deliver greater global impact.”


About Betolar 

Betolar is a Finnish materials technology company that offers sustainable and low-carbon concrete production with Geoprime®. The solution converts several previously unused high-volume industrial side streams into a substitute for cement.

Betolar's AI-optimised innovations can significantly reduce CO2 emissions at a competitive cost compared to conventional cement-based concrete manufacturing, leveraging the existing manufacturing processes. Betolar’s mission is to enable the green transformation of various industries globally, especially in the construction, process and energy industries by providing solutions to utilise its unique materials technology.

Betolar was founded in 2016 and  is headquartered in Kannonkoski, Finland. For more information, visit https://www.betolar.com/

About TARA 

TARA Machines and Tech Services Private Limited is promoted by TARA, Society for Technology and Action for Rural Advancement; a social enterprise of the Development Alternatives Group. The company was incorporated on the 5th March, 2008.

The main investors in the company are Baron Jacques De Mevius , Dr. Ashok Khosla and TARA. The business strategy and investment opportunities are managed by Dr. Arun Kumar and Mr. Manjeet Dutt.


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