Riikka Ylikoski’s Recipe for Success is Being Open to New Things

Riikka Ylikoski



Riikka Ylikoski, Chief Financial Officer at Betolar, is inspired by the challenges and search for solutions, be it the company’s funding, developing business, or the process of change. For her, the company’s purpose as part of something bigger is significant.



As the CFO of Betolar, Ylikoski’s responsibilities consist of management and support functions, including finance, HR, communications, and IT. A solid financial know-how, strategic leadership of the processes of change, and teamwork are Ylikoski’s strengths. In addition to her commercial expertise, she has developed her leadership skills with tools such as positive psychology throughout her career. Riikka believes that a positive work culture has an impact on the overall success of the company.

In creating a work culture, Riikka sees that the most important thing is when people are able to bravely use their full potential. At the moment, Betolar is actively looking for new, diverse expertise to enable the green transition of the construction industry.

How will financial concerns and saving the world fit together?

– Easily, I am extremely excited about my work at Betolar to solve global environmental and climate challenges. Many parties have all the opportunities and methods to solve the climate crisis. All that is needed is an open mind, the determination to never give up and the courage to implement the plans. Naturally, this requires supportive legislation and sufficient funding – as well as cooperation.

– The task of support functions such as financial management is to serve the entire organisation and ensure profitable business for the company. Since Betolar’s mission is to save the world, we need to act in an organised and responsible manner, choose responsible partners to support our operations and communicate transparently and informatively about what we do. For me, the most essential thing is seeing the big picture which starts from the company’s strategy, vision, mission, and values.

Why is Betolar an interesting employer?

– Betolar is a genuinely innovative company with a globally scalable business model. Betolar is also at the start of strong international growth. We offer interesting career opportunities as part of a growing start-up taking the innovative expertise of the Finnish circular economy to the world.

– As we succeed, our solutions can reduce global greenhouse emissions and preserve the planet for future generations. The team’s interprofessional nature is meaningful to Betolar: we need the best experts from different fields who all have their own perspectives. Our personnel and values are strongly at the forefront of everything we do. Because we are a young company, we do not have any entrenched modes of operation to do things only in specific ways. We are open to continuous change and renewal. You can also work from anywhere.

What makes the work meaningful?

– Knowing that your work is truly meaningful to the business, and when the work encompasses your own values. Or being able to work together with others to achieve some common goal. The meaningful nature of the work is further boosted by receiving supportive feedback for a job well done.

– I strongly believe in positive psychology in supporting well-being at work. Leading with a relaxed attitude and mutual trust produces better results than pressuring. A motivated employee will come up with creative solutions far more easily and will want to search for solutions, but will dare to question and ask the right things. I believe that nothing is impossible when motivated and professional people work closely together.

– Our motto could be ‘think big and think far’ – even in a short period of time, we can achieve unbelievable things when everyone has the same aim and a clear vision. Progress is messy so you shouldn’t worry about the little things if the direction is the right one.

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