Low carbon paving stones at Kotka Green flag parks


Paving stones with Betolar's technology selected for Kotka's Green flag parks.

The city of Kotka with its park operations has been profiled as a pioneer in sustainable landscape design. Various parks in Kotka have been awarded with The Green Flag Award®. This scheme recognises well managed parks and green spaces while emphasising sustainable development.

Paving stones made with Betolar’s technology are found in several Kotka parks as scenic resting places.

“We are very pleased that the City of Kotka made the decision to order products that use our technology and thus setting an example in implementing our green solutions,” says Janne Rauramo, MD of Betolar’s landscaping business unit.

The carbon footprint of these yard stones is 80% lower compared to the traditional method, as they do not contain any cement. Additionally, these paving stones are made from industrial side streams, thus saving virgin natural resources.