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The new era of sustainable living environments is here. At Betolar, we are your partner in the green revolution, reducing CO2 emissions and the consumption of natural resources.

Our mission

We enable the green revolution with our low carbon solutions and offer a smart transformation towards circular economy.


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Our impact

of side-stream-based materials in our customer's products

smaller carbon footprint

industry standards met cost-effectively


Our solution for cement-free environment


Geoprime®  is the next-generation, low carbon innovation for a cement-free future. 

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With us, you will be the game changer

We are service developers and result-oriented experts impacting the entire value chain of the construction industry.

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Our global potential

"Housing the growing human population requires huge quantities of valuable material and energy, which will put great stress on natural resources, the environment and our climate. Betolar has created revolutionary innovations in building materials that greatly reduce both the use of scarce primary resources and the emission of greenhouse gases. They also use commonly available raw materials and production facilities, making them highly affordable and rapidly scalable."


Ashok Khosla


Formerly Co-Chair of the UN’s International Resource Panel, formerly President of the Club of Rome and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)

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