Sustainable competitive edge

What is Betolar? 

We provide a low-carbon building material Geoprime® which enables making concrete without cement.

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Concrete products

Reduce CO2 of landscaping and infrastructure products 

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Reduce CO2 emissions of hollow-core slabs

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Circular solutions for mining


Waste upcycling

Analysis service for sidestream owners



Our mission is to lower CO2 emissions and the use of virgin raw materials in mining and construction. 

We help transform industrial side streams into a sustainable business. 

Forest background

Our impact

Up to

80 %

smaller carbon footprint

Up to

95 %

of sidestream-based materials in Geoprime

100 %

technically proven for industrial production

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OUR solution for a cement-free environment 


Geoprime, our green concrete material innovation, is a low-carbon solution for a cement-free future. 

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With us, you will be the game-changer

We are service developers and result-oriented experts impacting the entire value chain of the construction industry. 

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Some of our customers and partners 

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ashok khosla

"Betolar has created revolutionary innovations in building materials that greatly reduce both the use of scarce primary resources and the emission of greenhouse gases." 

Ashok Khosla

Former Co-Chair of the UN's International Resource Panel, former President of the Club of Rome and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)

"In collaboration with Betolar, we have conducted several industrial-scale production tests using different types of hollow-core slabs. The test results are so promising that producing such a structural product almost entirely without cement is feasible."

Hannu Tuukkala

CEO, Consolis Parma

"Our goal is to minimise our CO2 footprint, and integrating Betolar's cutting-edge technology into our key product lines is a significant step towards this."

Mehul Jain

Owner and CEO, Vyara Tiles 

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