New members to strengthen our team


Betolar announces three new executives to lead the company's key business areas towards commercialization.


During the last year, we have taken significant steps to drive our mission of becoming a pioneer in geopolymer concrete solutions. In our pilots we have already produced over 350 tons of landscaping products, we have taken in new investors and initiated partnership discussions with large players within the construction sector. Moving towards commercialization, we are happy to strengthen our team with three new executives to lead our key business areas.

Chief Executive Officer

Matti has 25 years of experience as a senior manager and an entrepreneur in corporate banking, law, food and construction industries. In addition, he has managed numerous business development projects related to circular economy. As a CEO, Matti seeks to offer a helping hand to the team, partners and customers in creating solutions that move the world towards a circular economy.

“I believe that Betolar’s team, partners and customers together have a unique ability to create significant industrial-scale solutions that reduce carbon emissions, and what is more, save and protect our indigenous resources. In Betolar, I see a solution and hope for a better tomorrow. What I seek to achieve is to realize all that potential by scaling Betolar’s operations and molding Betolar into a stronger company that truly responds to today’s most pressing environmental challenges by affecting production practices around the world. The enthusiasm and knowledge of the team and owners make it possible to form strong partnerships in various fields. Betolar’s operations are based on an understanding of trust, security and the value of nature and people. I find it inspiring to continue and support this development.”

Managing Director, Construction Elements

Lasse Happonen has over 30 years of experience within the concrete product industry. In his last position, he was the Chief Executive Officer for Betset, one of Finland’s largest concrete product producer. At Betolar, Lasse will be leading the concrete element business segment.

“Having done a long career in the construction industry, I am happy to have the opportunity to be part of building a more sustainable future. What struck me about the company was the open-mindedness and the team’s determination of taking action. I joined the company because I want to be part of Betolar’s story.”

Managing Director, Landscaping

Janne is a business professional specialized in asset management, business development and corporate law. At Betolar, Janne will be leading the landscaping business segment

“I was working in a capital investment company and I was responsible for our investment in Betolar. What inspires me is that now we have a possibility to change the foundation of the construction business towards a sustainable future with Betolar’s solutions.”