High-level professionals to supplement Betolar’s management team


Two new high-level professionals have been appointed to the management team of Betoral to support the company’s growth and internationalisation. Riikka Ylikoski was appointed as Betolar’s CFO in June and Pekka Hintikka the new CTO, at the end of August. Betolar enhanced its Board of Directors with experienced professionals of the technology and commercial sector when Kalle Härkki and Soile Kankaanpää started as new members of the Board in August.

As the CFO of Betolar, Riikka Ylikoski (M.Sc.Econ.) is responsible for the company’s administration and support functions, including finance, HR, communications, and IT. Riikka has a strong background in finance and a sound experience in business development and change management projects. People management and teamwork come naturally to her, and throughout her career Riikka has developed her management skills with tools such as positive psychology. For her, the purpose that the company serves as a part of something bigger is significant.

“Betolar’s staggering success story fascinates me and I strive to support it through my own competence and actions. It is truly great to be part of a Finnish pioneer company that promotes the construction industry’s green transformation, the aim of which is more sustainable and low-carbon construction. Together with my amazing team, I want to advance things so that both the company and people can prosper,” says Riikka Ylikoski.

Pekka Hintikka (M.Sc), who will take up his duties as Chief Technology Officer at Betolar in early September, will be responsible for R&D and product management. At Betolar, separate research, product development, platform development, and product management teams and a delivery function will be formed to operate under the CTO.

“Betolar’s products and management represent open-minded innovativeness, which makes the company’s operations particularly progressive. Betolar’s research and product development utilise the newest opportunities created by digitalisation and artificial intelligence. The research team has already tested 400 different industrial side streams in order to find the best solutions to replace cement in the production of concrete. It is great to be part of the Betolar team and get to develop and commercialise new material technology options for the global construction industry,” says Pekka Hintikka.

“Pekka provides Betolar with competence in processes, software and platforms, and exceptional experience in growth phase companies and large enterprises, such as the R&D at Kone Oy and Nokia Mobile. Pekka’s experience in the construction industry is also a significant advantage,” explains CEO Matti Löppönen.

“As for Riikka, her competence will enhance the financial competence, people management, communications, and IT functions of our company, which are very important areas in the supporting of our company’s growth strategy and increasing our sales,” Löppönen continues.

The role of the CTO was previously held by Betolar founder and Board member Juha Leppänen who will in future focus on the position of the CIO and act as an important partner of the CEO. As Chief Innovation Officer, Juha will be responsible for not only innovation operations but also the innovative support of the product development’s core projects and building of Betolar’s strategic partnerships, together with the rest of the business operations management.